Advanced DJ Techniques and Tips

Course Overview

Now that you have the fundamentals down, we'll take a deeper look at more advanced techniques. This is part of an ongoing series of advanced DJ techniques and tips covering a wide variety of topics from mixing to scratching to branding. Your instructor, DJ TLM, is a DJ/Turntablist and producer with 25 years of DJ experience. The skills covered in this series will take your DJ career to the next level.

Techniques covered include:

• Backspinning basics

• Variations

• Backspinning with Scratches

• Percussion: Adding Extra Kicks or Snares

Percussion: Beat Scratches

Percussion: Finger Drumming

• Transitions: Scratching

Transitions: Filter Scratch Technique

Transitions: Looping

• Audio File Quality

• Options for Recording You Mixes

• Making Your own Edits

Your Instructor


Amsterdam born DJ and producer DJ TLM has been rocking crowds in clubs, festivals and corporate events for over 25 years. The open format DJ is best known for his ability to incorporate turntablism into his club sets.

He’s also the tour DJ for Dutch platinum selling Hip Hop artist Brainpower. They have done over 3,500 live shows in the last 19 years and still perform regularly.

On the international side, DJ TLM is “sharing the knowledge” through his educational channel djTLMtv and currently has a global following of 110,000+ subscribers.

Start improving your DJ skills today!