Serato DJ

This course covers all of the settings and powerful features of the Serato DJ software application, along with professional skills that will impress audiences.

Course Overview

While it takes physical skills to spin a disc, it’s also important to dive into one of our program-specific courses. Serato DJ is a widely used program for new and seasoned DJs alike.
Our Serato DJ lessons go in-depth on the most important parts of the application, along with features that you can only find on Serato DJ. With controller and mixing capabilities in tow, Serato DJ is one of the most comprehensive programs in the DJ industry. Find out why Serato DJ is such a household name for DJs and how to command the software in your own performances!

Course Curriculum

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Key course topics in Serato DJ include:

Introduction to using digital software for your DJ mixing

DJing is not the same today as it was ten years ago, and most of that difference stems from the introduction of digital mixing software. Digital mixing software takes the analog controls of classic DJ turntables and streamlines them into an easy-to-manage interface on a computer. Whether you’re a first-time DJ trainee or a classic scratcher who needs some help with this new form of mixing, our Serato DJ lessons will help you dive in without any trouble!

Navigating the Serato DJ dashboard and each of its individual components

Serato DJ is the culmination of years of work on the Serato software. Last year, Serato merged their original Scratch Live mixing software with their Itch Controller software, making a single program that we now call Serato DJ. A complex piece of software, Serato DJ has a lot under the hood, so it’s bound to be intimidating to newcomers. Don’t worry, though; this course details each part of the Serato DJ dashboard and what you can do with each to make your mix the best it can be.

Understanding the most important features of Serato DJ, including features exclusive to the program

To learn Serato DJ, you need to know what the program itself does. Serato DJ combines the software of Scratch Live and the Itch Controller software to make a unique new program for DJs. Everything you’ll need is available, but you won’t need to know every minute detail of the program to make it work for you. This course stays focused on the most important parts of Serato DJ instead of bogging you down with the intricacies. We stick to the basics and focus your training on exactly what you want to know.

Serato DJ compatibility with different hardware and controllers

There are many different controllers that work with Serato DJ, so many that it’s easy to get lost in the mix. In order to learn Serato DJ and lay down the mix, you’ll need to make sure your hardware is compatible with the software. While installing and connecting your controller can be a hassle, it’s a skill that any DJ should know. This course builds upon the DJ basics course, but focuses on using Serato DJ specifically. Use the videos in this course to find out how to get the software to read the new device and how the device’s stats are shown on the Serato DJ dashboard. Once they sync up, learn how to use different controllers and devices together in Serato DJ.

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