DJ Techniques I

​Get comfortable with numerous beginner level DJing techniques, including counting bars and beats, dropping on the one, beatmatching, mixing, and more!​

Course Overview

Every DJ needs to begin somewhere. Whether you’re looking to get started, or you’re still in the first phases of learning DJ techniques, you can find in-depth but easy-to-learn lessons through our DJ Techniques I course.

Our beginner DJ mixing course can help you get a firm grasp on the many skills and programs you will need in order to get mixing and create new beats. Our wide variety of online videos provides insight into many different programs, as well as techniques and ideas that every successful DJ should know. The flexibility offered by our courses means that you can learn with an emphasis on where you want to go as a DJ, while sticking to the demands and time constraints of your own schedule. By signing up with DJ Courses Online, you can open the door to a new world of musical possibilities.

Course Curriculum

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Key course topics in DJ Techniques I include:

How to beatmatch, including how to slow down or speed up a track on a vinyl setup.

Beatmatching is one of the key basics of DJing and will be a vital part of your early learning. Without learning these fundamentals, which are all laid out in DJ Techniques I, becoming an advanced DJ and pursuing your unique sounds can be riddled with setbacks. The team at DJ Courses Online can help you complete your training and learn the skills you need (and will maintain for life) with our dedicated customer service and years of experience.

How to count the bars and beats of any track, which will help you beatmatch and scratch in time for any song.

Every musical track is informed by its bars and beats. Understanding these elements is vital in mixing and scratching in musically pleasing ways. DJ Courses Online provides high quality video courses that will help you understand these elements, as well as the pieces of software essential to your mixing and sound creation. By learning the techniques used by professional DJs around the world, you can not only replicate the sounds you hear in your favorite tracks, but produce new and original tracks informed by your own style.

How to “drop on the one,” or drop the first beat of one track into another for skillful mixing.

While dropping on the one is a basic skill for every DJ, it is vital for successful mixing and the creation of great sounding tracks. Learning this skill will equip you for more advanced techniques in the future.

How to seamlessly transition between two tracks or loops.

To be a successful DJ, you’ll need creativity and know-how in equal parts. Transitioning between tracks and loops will give you access to new sounds and the ability to produce the music you want to make. With the knowledge and skills that you can acquire through our variety of courses, you will be able to use many different programs to successfully produce the music you’ve been imagining. Our beginner DJ mixing course is just the starting point, but it has put countless students on the path to success.

How to identify bars and beats, as well as the compositional structure of a track, by analyzing the audio waveforms.

Software gives every DJ the chance to view and analyze audio waveforms for an even more in-depth understanding of musical tracks. By learning how to use these programs and fully understand audio waveforms, you can have the knowledge and insight needed to tackle any track and produce unique sounds.

How to manually beatmatch on a vinyl setup, as well as in Serato Scratch Live and Traktor.

A proficient and insightful DJ should know how to succeed at multiple setups. By learning how to use vinyl, Serato Scratch Live, and Traktor, you can have the working knowledge needed to consistently grow your skills. At DJ Courses Online, we aim to give every DJ an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience, and once you feel ready to move beyond the beginner lessons, we have more advanced techniques waiting for you.

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