DJ Techniques II

This DJ course focuses on numerous intermediate and advanced level DJing techniques, including midi mapping, cue points, looping, and more!

Course Overview

Once you’ve mastered the basics of DJing, you may find yourself wondering which way to go. There are countless programs and techniques that you could delve into in order to progress past your current skill level—but where should you start?

At DJ Courses Online, we understand how pushing yourself into advanced DJing techniques can seem directionless, and even confusing. That’s why we are here to help you on your path: we offer lessons on intermediate and advanced level skills through our DJ Techniques II course, and they could be the perfect fit for you.
Through our one-of-a-kind online instructional videos, you will have access to a variety of lessons, with enough structure to acquire new skills without missing key points. Through online learning, we give you the flexibility you need to fit your busy schedule. We also tailor to varying levels of understanding. With advanced skills at your fingertips, success in your career as a DJ is far closer than it has ever been.

Course Curriculum

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Key course topics in DJ Techniques II:

Midi mapping an external controller via Serato Scratch Live and Traktor

By midi mapping an external controller, you will be able to control a multitude of parameters within each software application. These advanced techniques can give you even more tools for skillful DJing, which will give you more control in every aspect of the music you produce.

How to add or change effects on the fly

Effects can play a big role in creating new sounds. By learning how to produce them on the fly, you can enrich your creativity during live performances.The DJ mixing techniques that you can learn through our unique online videos will no doubt play a key role in broadening your horizons. With these new, more advanced skills in your belt, you can feel comfortable pursuing new sounds and creating innovative tracks.

How to assign and trigger cue points

Creating cue points can help you create more complex and layered tracks, but first you will need how to use complex software programs to create these cue points. By building on the foundation of your DJ know-how, whether it was acquired on your own or through our DJ Techniques I course, you’ve made basic DJ skills and programs your own. Now it’s time to move on to the next level.

How to use cue points to create loops on the fly for live DJing

For one thing, you’ll need to know how to effectively use cue points during live performances. These additions can help you create live tracks that are as complex as the ones you’ve made in the studio.

How to set beginning and end points in your preferred tracks or loops

Through setting beginning and end points, you can have full control in the length and style of the music you produce. These techniques can be applied to any genre, helping you to take new concepts and apply them to the sounds that you are moving toward. To make it even better, we ensure that our courses are constantly updating to reflect the latest cutting-edge software and techniques in the world of DJing. By taking our courses, nothing is out of your reach, and we can help you become the best DJ you can be.

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